I Can’t Wait to See My Products in Stores

I love organic foods. My parents had a garden in our backyard when my siblings and me were growing up. We began making the garden larger every year. Finally, we had so many vegetables that we began giving much of it away to homeless shelters and battered women shelters. We loved being able to help others. This is what helped me to decide to become a chef, and most recently, I’ve decided to try my hand at selling my organic soups. I have been researching rotary fillers and all the other machines that I would need to have to help make my dream a reality.

The church that I belong to has a commercial kitchen right on church property. They have agreed to let me use it for free for a year. They say that they want me to succeed, and they know how much it will help me save money and expand my business. I have promised to only use it during certain hours so that it is free during the day for their needs. I will be mostly using it at night.

The church has also told me that because the space they’re letting me use is so large, they are okay with me purchasing and setting up some of the large-size equipment that I will need. My plan is to start out small and try to get my canned soups into local markets. After much research, I full believe that will take me about one year to do. After that, I will see how things go. If I am able to get my products into any larger chain stores around the country, I will then work out a plan to rent an even bigger space to handle the work. I really feel like I can make my plan work.

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