The Pool Ruined My Hair

Last week I took an unexpected dive into a swimming pool. I went to a party at one of my friend’s house, and he had a pool in his backyard. He’s pretty rich, so he can afford to have things like that. While at the party, a couple of my friend started getting into an alcohol induced argument by the pool. The argument turned to a shoving match and I tried to break it up. In the process of doing this, I fell into the pool, fully clothed. My curly weave fell out of my hair, and I was soaking wet.

My friends stopped shoving each other long enough to help me out of the pool. The host of the party let me take a shower inside to wash off the chlorine from the pool, and put my clothes in the washing machine. I was wearing sandals, so I didn’t have to worry about them being too wet when I put them back on. My weave was beyond the point of salvation. I had to make an appointment with my hair dresser to have some new weave put in.

When I told my hair dresser what happened at the party, she started laughing uncontrollably. It was a good thing that only my weave was ruined by the pool and not something else, like my cell phone. If that happened, I would have hurried out of the pool and shoved both of my friends into it. I don’t think I’ll be going to any more parties where there are pools, or at least, where both of the friends who got into the argument are going. I really don’t have the energy to figure out why they were arguing in the first place. I’ll just let them settle their differences on their own.

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