TV Programming That My Girls Like

I stayed with my sister for a couple of months after I left my husband. I thought that it was going to be a hard transition, but it was actually very easy and quite liberating. I was able to save enough money to rent a nice house just down the road from her, and she and her husband helped me move in with my two kids. One thing that I did before moving from her house was an online search for Directv packages and channels. When I was with my husband, we did not have any TV at all because he thought that it was bad for kids.

They actually have thrived with it at my sister’s house, and I know that is because of all the great programming choices that Direct TV offers to viewers of all ages. My girls liked watching programs teaching them about history and science just as much as they enjoyed watching cartoons or family shows. I did not want to take this away from them so soon after finally discovering it, which is why it was so important for me to get our satellite TV subscription. I just wanted to get the best deal since money was going to be tight for a while.

Thankfully, Direct TV has a lot of different programming packages, and the Choice package has all of the channels that my girls like, plus quite a few that I like too. I enjoy cooking and watching horror flicks, so it was nice to see that I could get what I wanted on the same plan that would give the girls what they really enjoy too. Because I was a new subscriber, I was given a really good price for the first 24 months. By that time, I will be on my feet a lot better, and we may end up getting a bigger programming package then.

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