Two of the Garage Doors Needed Fixed

When I bought a new house in Naperville, it had everything that I could possibly want in it. For me, my dream kitchen was finally a reality, and my husband had the three car garage he has always wanted. Actually, he only wanted a two car garage, but what man is going to say no to an extra bay? The only problem was two of the doors did not work properly. One did not open at all, and the other could only be manually opened. I did a search for garage repair service in Naperville to find a company that would be able to come out and fix the garage doors for us.

There were a few companies that offer this type of service, but I wanted to go with the company that only handles garage door repairs and installations. I knew that they would have the necessary parts to fix whatever was wrong with both of the doors. My husband told me that he thought the one would need a brand new motor installed, and the other was probably just a broken cable. I called and made the appointment, and the repairman was able to come out that same week.

We were in no hurry, but it was nice that they were so quick to respond. My husband took him out to the garage, and it turned out that he was right on both counts. It did not take the repairman long to fix either issue because he had all of the parts with him. He was able to install the new motor and replace the broken cable within a couple of hours, and the price we were given was not bad at all. We thought that it would be a lot more, actually. Now my husband has his dream garage too!

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